leave your lesson with a smile.

. . . And LOTS of new skills & ideas.

She was beaming when we showed her the footage of the performance last week. She did it! (fist pump).
— Maddie's Mom (Age 8)
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We help beginners become musicians.

To be honest, you’re already a musician (we promise). Taking a voice or piano lesson at Red Cloud Studio means you’ll be helping that inner musician grow. Our job is to clear the path so you learn in a way that’s good for you, that gives you confidence, and helps you feel joy.

We’re going to cover much more than how to play or sing! This isn’t a recital class. This is jamming out. Yes, we’ll learn all the technical stuff, but only because it give us more tools for expression. There’s music inside all of us. Your child is bursting with it. You know all that energy? That’s music.



Our singing classes and private sessions are centered around the belief that your voice is uniquely important. You should feel great about sharing it with the world. We smile a lot. There’s a lot of laughing. We sing pop songs to relate and connect. We like to keep it loose as we go deep. Our job is to create an environment in which your child feels 100% comfortable being his or herself.


Our piano program is bound to change your mind about what you thought piano lessons were supposed to look like. Learning how to fall in love with practice is a skill that most teachers overlook. And yet it’s the foundation of being successful at just about anything! That’s where we start at Red Cloud Studio... Falling in love with the process of making music.


Are piano or voice lessons right for me?

Everyone wants their child to be well rounded. Better yet, maybe you see a spark within your child that you want to turn into a flame. There are a lot of great reasons to take lessons - just google “music and the brain”. But there are also a few that may hold you back. Maybe you took lessons at one point, had a bad experience and then quit (you probably regret it) but want your kid to succeed. Maybe you’re worried that formal instruction will make music feel more like work than play.

Here’s our promise: we listen to our students’ needs (we’ve got good ears!) and help them grow. We are committed to making lessons engaging and even FUN (gasp!).

If you want to know how we do things, click the “Learn More” button. Someone will be in touch to help you decide if Red Cloud lessons are a good fit for you.

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