Sing School

Red Cloud’s beloved singing classes for 1st-5th graders who love to belt it out. A group of friends meet each week to practice music skills (ear training, rhythm, etc.) hidden in singing games and songs they love. Students learn singing technique, explore improv activities, and arrange their favorite music to learn how to sing in harmony, rock a solo, and stand with confidence on stage. At the end of class each week your kid will probably say, “It’s over already!?”


Private Lessons

We'll work on your voice from a functional standpoint, getting the physical mechanism to work in a healthy and free way. This will lead us to your most authentic voice and allow you freedom to express deeply felt emotion through music. The singing process will connect you more to who you are and what you have to say.

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How this works

private lesson vs. Sing School Group

1st through 5th grade singers will start in a Sing School Group. This is the best way to lay a foundation for vocal technique, confidence singing in front of others, and experiencing just how joyful it is to sing.

Once singers reach 6th grade they transition to the private lesson. This private lesson is based in functional singing and a deep-dive into vocal technique. Singers learn how to make free and strong sounds that ultimately lead them to their most authentic voice.


Can my young child take a private lesson?

Usually, it works best if kids 1st-5th grade start with the singing group. The group moves fast and incorporates broader musical elements to keep young bodies and minds moving. The private lesson requires body awareness and patience and can feel “less exciting” to little ones :) In some cases, younger children do well in a private lesson if they are working on an audition/performance or if they are simply ready for the next step of their musical journey. A voice teacher will work with you to assess the best place for your child.

My child is shy…

You have come to the right place! We take special care of voices here because singing is a vulnerable thing to do. Red Cloud is a safe and warm place to try it out. The magic of the singing lesson is that walls can be broken down and confidence seems to grow tenfold when the voice is involved.

How Much are Lessons and What spots are available?

Class sessions, days, and times vary. To find more information about our current session, click the “Get Started” button and we will be in touch with all the nitty gritty.

Do you teach adults?

Yes! We have a limited amount of space for adults. To inquire about adult lessons, email or schedule your lesson now.

Our daughter’s journey of finding her own style with confidence is the greatest part of this experience.