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Group Piano Lesson

Group PIANO lessonS


Enrollment is now open for the 2018-2019 studio year. To get on the list to be in a group or request a trial lesson, please fill out this form:


Making music with others is a profoundly important part of making music (maybe the most important part?) so we're giving our beginning piano players a chance to experience making music collectively while they learn to play.

The group setting allows each student to feel like a part of a team while also challenging them to take ownership of their own part. They are motivated to be a part of the "big sound" and work at home to be ready for the next lesson. Students are placed in a group based on age and experience. Students as young as 5 can begin playing in a group!


  • Fast-paced and energetic. Each class has a specific goal that the group will reach together.
  • Longer lessons. Students can focus longer when there are varied activities and voices.
  • Songs played as a group. Nothing quite like coming together to create something bigger and more beautiful than one voice can make on its own.
  • Super rhythm strength. The group must stay together. This is a skill most private piano players don't have the opportunity to develop.
  • Ownership of reading music + solving problems. While the group is pushing forward, each student must take full responsibility for their part. *This tends to solve the practice problem at home, too!*
  • Friendship + social atmosphere. Playing with kids your age creates a space of “I can relate” and allows students to express deeply.

Adults and non-beginner students

Not every student is right for the group setting. If you are an adult or a non-beginning student please email to inquire about private lessons.

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