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LEAD Music Teacher Job Description

We’re looking for an experienced piano teacher to begin building their schedule of 20+ students (which can include applicant’s pre-existing students) starting Summer 2019 and beyond and managing a small team of teachers.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Planning and preparing lessons to meet individual student’s needs

  • Teaching music theory, ear training, reading music, improvisation, and instrument technique

  • Assessing student’s abilities and providing motivating and encouraging feedback

  • Preparing students to participate in studio recitals and other performances

  • Creating and maintaining a network of student contacts to ensure work continuity

  • Drive teacher development by overseeing a small team of teachers and providing them with opportunities to grow

  • Communicating and connecting with studio staff and parents

  • Keeping financial, administrative and business records

  • Advertising or publicizing to generate new students

Because many students take music lessons as a hobby in their spare time, the job commonly requires working evenings and weekends.

Qualifications and Training Required:

Must have 5+ years of private teaching experience and demonstrate a high level of musicianship. Must be available to teach 10+ hours per week.

Red Cloud Music Teachers Have:

  • Excellent interpersonal and verbal communication skills

  • Enthusiasm

  • Imagination

  • Ability to motivate others

  • Determination and Perseverance

  • Commitment

  • Passion

  • Patience

Application Instructions:

If you would like to be considered for this role please submit the following via email to

  • Cover letter and resume

  • Answer the following questions:

    • What win are you most proud of in your teaching experience?

    • If this was your role, you would be responsible for ushering brand new students into their music lesson journey. How would you ensure that young students and their parents feel immediately welcome and trust you as their guide?

    • What are 3 elements of your student’s experience that keeps them coming back for more?

    • (optional) What is your enneagram number/Meyers Briggs Personality Type and how does it impact your teaching?

  • Prepare a lesson plan for a 6-year-old beginning piano student who has had only a month of lessons.

If you’re an experienced teacher who’s ready to use your engaging personality, positivity, and hard work to make a bigger difference, you might be the one for the job!

Red Cloud Studio Teacher Values & Philosophy

Compassion & Inclusion

  • Everyone can learn. All are welcome.

  • I believe and trust my student.

  • I understand that there are reasons why students have exceptional skills as well as trouble areas and seek to listen and learn about them.

Safety & Transparency

  • I believe the best way for learning to happen is when the student (and family) is safe and involved.

  • I keep students/parents well-informed

  • I make sure everything from my scheduling process to physical space allows everyone to feel secure and taken care of.


  • I understand that being chosen to be a teacher is an awesome responsibility.

  • I believe it is my responsibility to keep growing in my teaching skills so I can steer my student in a direction that is best for them.

Skills & Abilities

  • I understand how music works.

  • I understand how people work.