Kids piano lessonS (k-12)

Piano lessons are the mother of all music lessons! An incredible foundation for any instrument/style of music, piano lessons at Red Cloud will have your kids reading music, improvising, composing and performing. The piano lesson also provides a unique setting to learn how to solve problems, overcome failure, and develop self-discipline. Students will end each session with a greater command of the instrument and a more connected and creative sense of self.


A group of five students meets once per week for 60 min to learn piano in a group setting. Learn more about group lessons here.

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Lessons are 30 minute once per week with an recital to share what they've learned plus other performance opportunities throughout the session. Students choose a day/time and enroll for the current session. We like to start with a trial lesson so we can meet your family, answer questions, and give you an idea of what a piano lesson at Red Cloud looks like. 30 min/$25 (waived if you book a lesson after the trial).  Book your trial lesson by clicking here.


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